• What a fabulous PR lady Shauna McLarnon is. Totally on the ball. I wish she'd been about when XTC were trotting their stuff out through North America all those years ago. What a difference she would have made... I'm sure our little EP has made a great footprint on the world through its own merits, but my god some decent PR helps... We have Shauna to thank for that. You know I've done interviews for radio shows all over the UK and USA. Her tentacles not only reach across the states but they reach everywhere, you know
    Colin Moulding
    XTC, TC&I
  • Shameless Promotion has been running campaigns for my solo music, 50FOOTWAVE and Throwing Muses now for a few years, far exceeding my expectations in every way. The depth, breadth, quality and quantity of publicity was nothing short of stunning. Shauna is a star in her own right.
    Kristin Hersh
  • Shauna worked on my 'Bauhaus - Undead' coffee book campaign and really excelled herself! Of course all good publicists are spinning several plates at one time, but she made me feel like I was her only client. Shauna also promoted our Poptone LP release. Poptone is a career retrospective project where Daniel Ash, Diva Dompe and myself play music from our past bands: Bauhaus, Tones On Tail and Love and Rockets. Shameless Promotion PR also handled my recent FOXES TV campaign. Again Shauna worked all hours to make these campaigns a big success. She has an extensive database of strong contacts, is super smart and very well organized. Shauna went above and beyond on both projects and I can't recommend her enough
    Kevin Haskins
  • Shameless do a great comprehensive job in the complex modern world of media, getting the message out about an eclectic election of modern music makers. Determined and polite and organised, they bring an energy and musical love to the world of PR
    John Robb
  • In 1973 there was an advert for Heineken beer with the catchy slogan "Refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach" - that just about nails it with Shauna. She gets into those places that others can't, like a contortionist into a suitcase. Her belief in the art and its potential to reach a wider audience, her addictive enthusiasm, her contacts and her skills mesmerizes the media and keep us all busy for weeks with interest from one end of the globe to the other. She is also kind, likes small pink dogs, turquoise cats, goldfish and despite having to feed them all, she will never let you down.
    Marty Willson-Piper
    The Church, All About Eve, Noctorum
  • The most awesome PR dudes this side of the Dog Star. The caution "be careful what you wish for" springs to mind; I asked SPR to raise our profile to attract live promoters - they slaughtered twitter and FB, quadrupled our FB page likes in a few months, resulting in a mini European tour and offers of East and West coast US tours... and top record label and producer interest. It has been and insane 6 months. Big thx guys!
    Rudy Tambala
  • Shameless Promotion PR (Hello Shauna!) is simply the best! Not only is there an investment of time, intelligence and energy in all that 'they' do, but also heart and soul and you can't beat that!
    David J
  • We are very happy with the results of this campaign (and so many of them) and didn't expect such a massive response
    David Gedge
  • Keep the great stuff coming. You do more than almost anyone to bring us all some decent music for a change, both playing it and publicizing it. I appreciate your own awesome efforts as a musician and good music advocate, in general and professionally. You have the BEST clients and we always seem to do a good gaggle of your stuff each issue as a result. Onward and upward.
    Jack Rabid
  • I have worked with Shauna at Shameless Promotion PR for several album release campaigns now and I cannot recommend her enough. She understands our needs well and delivers a high level of service, going above and beyond our expectations, as demonstrated with her amazing work on campaigns for Ministry, Neville Staple, INHALT, Rachel Mason, Walter Lure, Rat Scabies, Musta Paraati, HOLYGRAM and Whispering Sons. The artists enjoy working with her and are equally impressed with her press and radio results, and the fact that her media reach is so wide. We look forward to continuing cooperation
    Benny Cardenas
  • Shauna, you've done great! I'm always pleasantly surprised! I've been overloaded with Ride sonic business, but all the coverage has been great. Thanks for all your work, my best... from somewhere on the way to Detroit!
    Mark Gardener
  • The Shameless Promotion album campaign, orchestrated with great thoroughness by Shauna, has generated an unprecedented amount of online coverage for us, including many very good reviews, extensive playlisting and great viewing figures for our videos. Consequently, we have seen a huge increase in engagement across all social media and increased traffic to our website - if this filters through as increased sales of music and merchandise we'll be rich, I tell you, RICH!
    Barry Andrews & Carl Marsh
  • Thanks to Shameless Promotion PR for all of the hard work that they made me do to promote my solo album (P.H.D.). Shauna at Shameless had me doing more interviews than I thought was possible and generated a better than healthy interest in my album. I also liked the no-nonsense approach to my project, which made a pleasant change in dealing with a company that does what it says it will with the minimum of noise, fuss or confusion. I liked that seemingly distance was no object and found myself talking to radio stations and journalists as far afield as Cuba, Russia, France and Australia. Shauna's professionalism shone through when it came to scheduling the different time zones and I didn't have to get up at 3am to talk to a journalist on the other side of the world. When I make it big in showbiz it will be the fault of Shameless PR, who I hope will stay on my case for as long as it takes
    Rat Scabies
  • Thank you for all the epic work you did on my campaign! Social media stats have been incredible for the past 6 months. Bookings are amazing. I'm going on tour for 30 dates in Europe, then doing 'Transfigurations' in London. They booked me because they came to the LA show due to the press leading up to its release. An orchestra premiered my orchestration of 'Look Homeward, Angel' and 300 people came out to hear it. A theater agreed to present 'Transfigurations' in Santa Monica. First time I haven't had to self produce. Also as a result of the campaign, I got commissioned to write a Rap/Opera. The campaign was a huge benefit to my career overall, not just my album. Music for a living is so hard but this has made it easier! More people saying yes. PR matters! You're the best!
  • So impressed with the PR given on our Return of Judge Roughneck and Rude Rebels albums, latest two singles, as well as tours. So on the ball with the press and radio, social media, sharing, reviews and comments, plus spreading the word for us! Well done, superb work! Big respect and thanks
    Neville Staple
  • Have to say that the Shameless Promotion team (namely Shauna) have and continue to do a grand job for our S T F U campaign. Shameless provide and manage a very thorough and concise targeted broad sweeping mail out facility to a large list of current on trend blogs and alt radio that have been meticulously built up through many years of hard work. Not only that, but Shauna is also a very cool person to deal with. Highly recommended and essential to all who would like their record to get bleeping on radars it otherwise would not - all you have to do is make a good record. S T F U say big thanks to Shameless and Shauna for doing a great job
    Dean Garcia
  • Shauna McLarnon at Shameless Promotion is by far the best PR we've ever worked with. Her campaign got our new album out far and wide into the world, with many great reviews and interviews. Many of the people, blogs and record labels that didn't reply to us earlier were suddenly covering us and otherwise open to us after Shauna got in touch with them. Her knowledge of how the current music business is changing is fantastic and she is extremely easy to work with! She has bent over backwards for us and was very accommodating by extending our campaign and handling challenges not normally covered in a typical PR campaign. I can't recommend her enough.
  • Shauna worked on the PR for my book 'What Do You Call That Noise? An XTC Discovery Book' and did an exemplary job. Not only did she attract attention from a wide range of online and print publications, but also backed it up with on-the-ball social media support and detailed reporting. Thanks to Shauna, the book got substantial preview and review coverage (all positive!) that it simply wouldn't have got otherwise. She was efficient, quick to react and always a pleasure to work with. I don't hesitate to recommend her. She's great.
  • Shauna McLarnon and her company Shameless Promotion PR have done an outstanding job for us in promoting our 'Part Time Punks Session' EP. She has exceeded our expectations with securing visibility and airplay for us nationally and internationally with her devotion to details and solid work ethic. We hope to work with her again in the future with our new songs and recordings
    Vanessa Briscoe Hay
  • Cooperation with Shauna McLarnon and Shameless Promotion PR has been invaluable. The campaigns she organized to promote SpaceFest!, Pure Phase Ensemble 4 feat. Mark Gardener and Pure Phase Ensemble 6 feat. Anton Newcombe were all very successful. Thanks to her help we got hundreds of reviews, articles and interviews published in music magazines worldwide and gained numerous fans in the most unexpected places on earth :) She has played an invaluable role in solidifying SpaceFest's place on the international music map. Shauna is energetic, competent, reliable and hard working, but above all this, she's also a lovely person and it's been pure pleasure collaborating with her
    Anna Szynwelska
  • Shauna from Shameless is making me Famous! Incredible reach and vision and able to spread our songs worldwide better than a virus! A wonder to work with and hoping to extend the relationship forever. Thanks again!
    Walter Lure
  • This will be short and sweet. The thing that impressed me the most about Shauna is how damn quick she gets things done in all departments. Usually within a few moments, day or night, I would get a reply to whatever question I had. She was also great with all those reviews and interviews being set up
    Daniel Ash
  • Thank you Shauna and Shameless Promotion for a well considered and extensive campaign on The Telescopes Stone Tape album. I am very happy with the respectful way in which the music was represented and I am grateful for the integrity and dedication of your excellent work. An absolute pleasure
    Stephen Lawrie
  • Shauna McLarnon has given us - The Jasmine Minks - the most coverage we have ever had for a release, including from the days we released our music through Creation Records. Radio plays across the world, lots of people knocking on our figurative door for interviews, and a whole slew of reviews. All for one single! I can't wait to get a new album out and be heard on the moon! Seriously though, she is a shrewd operator, who acts with an intuition that means that everybody quickly gets on board and feels part of the whole campaign for promoting the product. For anyone trying to get their music heard, I highly recommend her company Shameless Promotion PR
    Jim Shepherd
    The Jasmine Minks
  • In two words: Shauna rocks! When I released my first single on the British label Deep Distance at the beginning of 2016, I was instantly overwhelmed by the media attention it got. Same thing with my second single on Happy Robots Records later on in the year. I tried self-promoting at the beginning of my solo project Hologram Teen, but hiring Shauna is like having a full house in your poker hand. She will get you loads of interviews and reviews so don't hesitate to work with her! Also she seems to be working 24/7, which is a plus in my book, although it does sound a tad exhausting...
    Morgane Lhote
  • Hands down I can say Shauna McLarnon is the best press person we've ever had in our lives, going above and beyond her duties as a publicist. She has her ears to the ground listening to the pulse of the music from all around the world and she's tapped into the press and radio in so many other countries. It's fantastic how she reaches so many people to get ears on our music among people who otherwise would never have heard of us. She has bought us recognition through her hard work, enthusiasm, love and support
    Danny Chavis
  • Shauna has been essential in getting our artists (The Jasmine Minks, The Claim, Room in The Wood, Big Tide, Dragon Welding, Paul Den Heyer) media attention for about a year now. The success has been tremendous with so many premieres, reviews, interviews and features, as well as ample radio play. Truly dedicated to the music and going the extra mile to make the difference. She grasps the nuances with respect to each separate release well, securing significant coverage and creating opportunities. Thumbs up - a 10/10 recommendation for all seeking a publicist!
    Ulrich Hoffman
    A Turntable Friend Records
  • Shameless Promotion Works for the music and the band. They pull out all the stops and get your music noticed by the right people. Reviews and Interviews are arranged and published, no matter how hard this may be. Shauna works tirelessly on any project that she takes on and I would, without hesitation recommend her services
    Ray Dickaty
  • When I put out my last album, I really believed that I could do the publicity myself – how wrong was I! Thankfully, when my campaign was going belly-up, I connected with Shauna who agreed to take me on. She really saved my skin and we have now had some terrific results across a number of campaigns. It has made impact both on sales and the sort of bookings I get. I cannot thank her enough for all of her hard work, good humour and dedication and for giving me sensible advice whenever I come up with some crazy idea (which is quite often). It has been a pleasure to work with her although I still have one burning question - when does she sleep?!
    Adam Cresswell
  • Shauna and Shameless are outstanding, and have done more than we could ever imagine!! We've worked with big PR/Marketing firms over the years (Filter, Paste, Planetary, Team Claremont) and Shameless has gone above and beyond many of their campaigns for a very reasonable indie rate. Seeing new reviews/postings and radio plays around the world through has been quite a motivator, and Shauna's expertise/critical thinking has landed our new material in the laps of all the right people
    Ryan Policky
  • As a music writer, I work with a wide range of PR people scattered across the world, but Shauna stands out from the crowd in many ways. Not only does she send me the best artists to write about (I think she may have inside knowledge of my own record collection), but she delivers material in a way that really gets you excited about this music with press kits that include everything you could possibly need at your fingertips. Through the course of many messages and conversations, she has also come to be one of the few publicists who feels like a friend. Working with her is so easy and her steady promotion of my reviews across social media is also noteworthy. I would recommend Shauna's services to any artists, whether emerging or well established, looking for a personable and effective communicator as part of their game plan
    Dave Franklin
    The Swindonian, Dancing About Architecture
  • Shauna at Shameless combines her amazing talent of taking artists' strengths and best features and turning that artist into a viable brand, which showcases what that artist is about. She is delightful to work with and works hard to give artists greater exposure to new audiences around the globe. As a company, Shameless has shown itself to be truly professional - not only they effective, but also dedicated and passionate about the work they do
    Ryan Martin
    Jammerzine, Jammer Direct
  • Thrilled and Blessed to be working with Shauna and Shameless Promotion PR. In today's brave new world of the 'Indie DIY' artist, it is so important to work with people who understand … not just the promotion element, but music and songs. Shauna brings the entire package! I made it a point to surround our debut release 'Finding Beauty in Chaos' with good, honest positive people and Shauna is just that. I look forward to where we go next
    Michael Ciravolo
  • Shauna from Shameless Promotion PR is the best Press Rep I have ever had, being diligent and precise, with a wide reach in the music industry. I have had interviews and reviews from all over the world, and continue to reap the benefits of hiring her for promotion. I highly recommend spending the money; she is worth every penny. She is also straightforward and clear about every step that she takes so you are never confused about what is going on. A definite must have!
    Polly Panic
  • Shameless Promotion PR launched a spectacular campaign for our latest album Maps. We are thrilled with the amount of worldwide blog and radio attention our singles have received. Shauna helped open many ears to our music! We have a larger audience than ever before. As a result, of her work we now have more doors open to us, thank you so much Shauna, you rock
    Katie Haley
  • Shauna and Shameless Promotion have made a real difference to the audience reach of my group. Not only has she managed to ensure a high level of coverage, she has been really smart in lining up the the right journalists and radio shows who've been keen to follow up. She's really boosted our social media reach too, regularly posting and retweeting reviews and coverage. I would not hesitate in recommending her services. First class. Keep it up Shauna!
    David Arnold
    The Claim
  • We have worked with Shameless Promotion PR for our first major PR campaign, promoting our debut album 'Modern Cults'. It has been such a great experience and an amazing success. Shauna has helped us in many ways to reach the right people and to build up future contacts. Her very personal commitment is one of the main reasons why teaming up with Shameless Promotion PR works out so well. Shauna is a very professional PR agent with heart and dedication. You instantly know that she does this job because she loves music!
    Patrick Blümel
  • I couldn't be happier with the PR support I received from Shauna and Shameless. Having my music reach many ears across the globe was super pleasing and employing Shameless to assist in building interest in my latest (Harness) is one of the best things I've done for myself since forging ahead solo. It became clear early on that Shauna is more than a lover of music; she really cares about the artists
    K. Michelle Dubois
  • Working with Shauna McLarnon and Shameless Promotion PR for Crooked Ghost's Skeleton House album has been a dream come true. When I saw the roster of artists Shameless promotes, I knew I had to work with them. Starting a campaign through Shameless has been the wisest decision I've ever made for this band. Shauna is a gem! She has gotten us airplay around the globe and premiers and reviews in various well-known and up-and-coming publications. She has been immensely helpful in getting our name out there and making sure we are heard. Our listeners, video views and fan base have increased significantly since we started our campaign. The amount of promotion they provide is astounding, and we couldn't have asked for a better PR person. You can be sure that Crooked Ghost will be promoting our future releases and projects through Shameless
    Ray Lark
  • As a writer, I really appreciate the amount of work Shauna and Shameless Promotion PR do for clients: everything a reviewer needs is laid out in her communications, she makes the artists accessible and provides detailed backgrounds. Above all - and this is really appreciated by those of us who do this work for love of music - Shauna responds to reviews and works hard to promote them and publicize them which is as valuable to the reviewer as it is to the reviewed. She makes it worthwhile to do this work. She is the most helpful and active PR company I deal with, and a real bonus for artists. I'd recommend Shameless to anyone.
  • Shauna has been tireless in her efforts to get my music played wherever possible. Thanks to Shauna, I've talked to journalists and radio presenters from all over the world, who have been listening to the music I've been making, in various guises, for a long time. It's been a real joy to talk and connect to those people. It makes it worthwhile when you realise that there are at least some people who understand why you do what you do, and more to the point, get it. Thank you Shameless Promotion
    Andy Golding
    The Wolfhounds, Dragon Welding
  • You guys are one of the best PR outfits out there in Indie Land, always thrilled to get an email from you, telling me about some great cult musician or some exciting new act. You make our 24 hour streams richer and more vibrant
  • Shameless Promotion PR worked tirelessly through all the avenues possible to spread our new album around the globe, securing loads of airplay and reviews, but also offering advice and support during the process. We would highly recommend Shauna and Shameless to anyone looking for a professional, structured and driven approach
    Evi & Steve
  • Consciously or unconsciously, people respond to recommendations from certain people. This is even more the case with Shameless Promotion PR, who really made things happen for our band Politburo and got us heard, Shauna makes that happen. Somehow she cuts through the white noise static of the internet and gets people to listen and lend their support. That, is pretty much magic and really quite empowering for artists. Her services have been indispensable.
    Nick Alexander and Dom James
  • God, we have now worked with Shauna on several releases and it's always a pleasure. She really knows what she's doing and has great contacts. During the campaigns, it's wonderful to get interview requests, see the new press and airplay coming in, the new social media likes and mentions, and know that our music is being heard. She has a very personal touch and helps keep us in line in regards to what she needs to promote our music. I'm already lining up the campaign for our new record with her now
    John Treanor
    Tombstones In Their Eyes
  • Shameless has a particularly great strength: they are next to the artist step by step about all aspects of communication with passion, seriousness and competence. For us, working with Shameless opened a window to the international world of music, especially for a niche genre like ours and, for this reason, they gave us an exciting chance to become widely known by many in press and radio, who absolutely loved our music... for any artist wanting to spread their music, Shameless is an ideal choice.
    Dario Torre
  • As the saying goes, dream big and dare to fail... But with Shauna and Shameless Promotion PR having your back, you'll never fail. We came out of the blue from the dark and cold side of the world, but thanks to Shauna's huge web of contacts and useful professional skills, now there's loads of people around the world who know us. She's really been spreading the news and we've been featured all over the place. Definitely a superb and outstanding job. It's been a pleasure. You rock!
    Saku Paanisimi
  • If you make generic MIDI-quantized pop drivel, Shauna McLarnon is not for you. Shauna works with (and makes) unique music, trying to beam light from obscure corners of strange parties with perilous people. People that don't want to be on the stage with fireworks and a Mercedes Benz - ok, maybe fireworks, but no car, no watch-rockers and no champagne salesmen. She has interesting tactics for interesting times. Shauna outworks her agreement, which is how one acquires more work, which she rightly deserves
    Josh Westfall