Shameless Promotion

Priceless promotion for choice artists, mainly aimed at gaining wider coverage in blogs & radio.


"Shameless Promotion far exceeded my expectations in every way. The depth, breadth, quality and quantity of publicity was nothing short of stunning. Shauna is a star in her own right." - Kristin Hersh (THROWING MUSES, 50FOOTWAVE)

"The most awesome PR dudes this side of the Dog Star. The caution "be careful what you wish for" springs to mind; i asked SPR to raise our profile to attract live promoters - they slaughtered twitter and FB, quadrupled our FB page likes in a few months, resulting in a mini European tour and offers of East and West coast US tours... and top record label and producer interest. It has been and insane 6 months. Big thx guys!" - Rudy Tambala (A.R.KANE)

"I have worked with Shauna at Shameless Promotion PR for several album release campaigns now and I cannot recommend her enough. She understands our needs well and delivers a high level of service, going above and beyond our expectations, as demonstrated with her amazing work on campaigns this year for Ministry, Neville Staple and INHALT, as well as Rachel Mason. The artists enjoy working with her and are equally impressed with her press and radio results, and the fact that her media reach is so wide. We look forward to continuing cooperation." - Benny Cardenas (CLEOPATRA RECORDS)

"Shauna, you've done great! I'm always pleasantly surprised! I've been overloaded with Ride sonic business, but all the coverage has been great. Thanks for all your work, my best ..from somewhere on the way to Detroit! M" - Mark Gardener (RIDE, PURE PHASE ENSEMBLE 4)

"We are very happy with the results of this campaign (and so many of them) and didn't expect such a massive response." - David Gedge (THE WEDDING PRESENT)

"So impressed with the PR given on our Return of Judge Roughneck album and tours. So on the ball with the press and radio, social media, sharing, reviews and comments, plus spreading the word for us! Well done, superb work! Big respect and thanks." - Neville Staple (THE SPECIALS, FUN BOY THREE, NEVILLE STAPLE BAND) and Christine Sugary Staple

"Have to say that the Shameless Promotion team (namely Shauna) have and continue to do a grand job for our S T F U campaign. Shameless provide and manage a very thorough and concise broad sweeping campaign targeting a large list of current on trend blogs and alt radio contacts, which have been meticulously built up through many years of hard work. Shauna is also a very cool person to deal with. Highly recommended and essential to all who would like their record to get bleeping on radars it otherwise would not - all you have to do is make a good record." - Dean Garcia (CURVE, SPC ECO, S T F U)

"Hands down I can say Shauna McLarnon is the best press person we've ever had in our lives, going above and beyond her duties as a publicist. She has her ears to the ground listening to the pulse of the music from all around the world and she's tapped into the press and radio in so many other countries. It's fantastic how she reaches so many people to get ears on our music among people who otherwise would never have heard of us. She has brought us recognition through her hard work, enthusiasm, love and support." - Danny Chavis (THE VELDT)

"In two words: Shauna rocks! When I released my first single on the British label "Deep Distance" at the beginning of 2016, I was instantly overwhelmed by the media attention it got. Same thing with my second single on "Happy Robots Records" later on in the year. I tried self-promoting at the beginning of my solo project Hologram Teen, but hiring Shauna is like having a full house in your poker hand. She will get you loads of interviews and reviews so don't hesitate to work with her! Also she seems to be working 24/7, which is a plus in my book, although it does sound a tad exhausting..." - Morgane Lhote (STEREOLAB, HOLOGRAM TEEN)

"Shameless Promotion works in the interest of both the music and the band. They pull out all the stops and get your music noticed by the right people. We had so many reviews and Interviews and Shauna went to great lengths to make this all happen. She works tirelessly on any project that she takes on and I would, without hesitation recommend her services." - Ray Dickaty (SPIRITUALIZED, MOONSHAKE, PURE PHASE ENSEMBLE FEAT. MARK GARDENER)

"Cooperation with Shauna McLarnon and Shameless Promotion was invaluable. The campaign she organised to promote Pure Phase Ensemble 4 feat. Mark Gardener and the release of their album "Live at SpaceFest!" was very successful - thanks to her help we got over 70 reviews and articles published in music magazines worldwide and gained numerous fans in the most unexpected places on earth :) Shauna is energetic, competent, reliable and hard working, but above all this she's also a lovely person and it's been pure pleasure collaborating with her." - Anna Szynwelska (SPACEFEST, PURE PHASE ENSEMBLE ft. MARK GARDENER)

"Shauna and Shameless are outstanding, and have done more than we could ever imagine!! We've worked with big PR/Marketing firms over the years (Filter, Paste, Planetary, Team Claremont) and Shameless has gone above and beyond many of their campaigns for a very reasonable indie rate. Seeing new reviews/postings and radio plays around the world through has been quite a motivator, and Shauna's expertise/critical thinking has landed our new material in the laps of all the right people." - Ryan Policky (A SHORELINE DREAM)

"When I put out my last album, I really believed that I could do the publicity myself – how wrong was I! Thankfully, when my campaign was going belly-up, I connected with Shauna who agreed to take me on. She really saved my skin and we have now had some terrific results across a number of campaigns. It has made impact both on sales and the sort of bookings I get. I cannot thank her enough for all of her hard work, good humour and dedication and for giving me sensible advice whenever I come up with some crazy idea (which is quite often). It has been a pleasure to work with her although I still have one burning question - when does she sleep?!" - Adam Cresswell (HAPPY ROBOTS RECORDS, RODNEY CROMWELL)

"Shameless has a particularly great strength: they are next to the artist step by step about all aspects of communication with passion, seriousness and competence. For us, working with Shameless opened a window to the international world of music, especially for a niche genre like ours and, for this reason, they gave us an exciting chance to become widely known by many in press and radio, who absolutely loved our music... for any artist wanting to spread their music, Shameless is an ideal choice." - Dario Torre (STELLA DIANA, VIPCHOYO SOUND FACTORY LABEL)

"Consciously or unconsciously, people respond to recommendations from certain people. This is even more the case with Shameless Promotion PR, who really made things happen for our band Politburo and got us heard. Shauna makes that happen. Somehow she cuts through the white noise static of the internet and gets people to listen and lend their support. That, is pretty much magic and really quite empowering for artists. Her services have been indispensable."
- Nick Alexander and Dom James (POLITBURO, LEONARD SKULLY RECORDS)

"Shauna has worked tirelessly for us throughout the campaign for our debut release. Our music has reached a much wider audience due to her efforts, and we have received many more opportunities than we did before we started working with Shameless. Shauna is always available and responsive, regardless of the time of day or the day of the week, and she is an invaluable partner and member of the Vibrissae family. Thank you Shauna!." - Aaron and Emma Bell (VIBRISSAE)